From reproduction through creativity and loneliness to leadership

When you look at animals, the success of a species is measured by its ability of reproduction. There are different strategies. Frogs produce thousands of offspring, but most of them got killed by predators (fishes) or by a harsh environment (drought). Elephants only have one calf and it takes almost 2 years before it’s born. Here the reproduction strategy is not quantity but care and longevity.

The creative process of producing art is the reproduction that artists use. Different musicians use different strategies. Some musicians want to become famous and reach as many people as possible. Watch one of the TV-contest shows like Idols and you will see this strategy. Some musicians put more effort on the creative process and want a life that enables them to keep creative, even if they will reach only a small base of loyal fans they have.

All artists move in different ways. Different from one another, different from the rest. Creativity means, that you show a different view on the world, with your music, your words, your acting or your paintings.

“Old ways won’t open new doors.”

As artist, you have to dare to be different, no matter how successful you are. Creativity always brings something new, something different to this world. Your different view on the world is what inspires others, what makes them to follow you. If people start following you, you’ve become a leader in their eyes.

It doesn’t matter much how successful you are, and if you want it or not, you can better accept the leader-role others give you. Walking in front of a group gives you the power to define the group. As leader you will be part of the group, even if you don’t have the comfort to disappear in it.

With your art you define what kind of followers you will get, to what kind of group you will become the leader, and where you want to lead them to. If you need some help in taking the leadership role, please take a look at the 5 empowerment tools I developed. They are about taking the leadership role.

What kind of group do you want to lead?




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