The power of impatience and why you need to combine it with a cup of tea

None of us was prepared for something like Covid-19. The essence of the live music business is to bring people together to enjoy music. Now we can’t bring people together anymore, the heart of the business is hit. First out, last in. No wonder that I see people around me becoming very impatient. We all want to be able to enjoy live shows again, hug each other, sing along with the band. Impatience is a huge force, a huge power. […]

Fame and a cup of coffee

Last year I was talking to a friend about fame. She works in the music business too, with world music artists. Sometimes I wonder why conversations with colleagues from rock/pop are always so worked up, as if they have to proof themselves, all the time. Conversations with colleagues from world music or jazz are much more relaxed. You can also experience it in the atmosphere at conferences for the genres. But that’s a different subject. With a cup of coffee […]

The context of fame

Context is everything! If you need an example, look at the picture above. Looking at the cylinder it depends on the context, on the perspective if you see a square or a circle, Context is important in everyday life too. Some years ago a right-wing Dutch politician asked during a speech if the audience would prefer more or less foreigners, and they all shouted “less, less, less”. But if you ask the same question to employers who are desperate to […]

Keep on walking!

Spring is in the air, sun is shining and the birds are singing. After the cold and dark winter it feels like an awakening! Even when sitting at the office I enjoy the sun outside. When something is bothering me, when I’m stuck at work, I often go outside to take a walk. Moving my feet and looking at the nature around me seems to move my mind as well. I can think more clearly and discover new perspectives when […]

Stretching your boundaries 1

When stretching your boundaries, you are also changing your perspective on things, often unnoticed by yourself. After the change, others might feel a distance to you, which makes you feel lonely. It’s up to you how far you want to change, how big the distance should grow, how to deal with it. If you put effort into a good relationship to your dear ones, it can bridge the distance. Feeling stiff Two months ago I started to workout again, my […]

Humor and business

It’s amazing, how serious we take business. Some like it if you lighten the burden with humor, others don’t. Still, I’m convinced that humor is the best way to lighten up a tense situation, to disarm a conflict and to treat yourself not too seriously. And that being said by someone who grew up in Germany 😉 Today I got a mail from a friend and colleague, he’s a booking agent too. He was offering a combination of three different […]

No cardboard-box-solution anymore!

Last week I realized that I shut down when it’s very busy. It feels like making a cardboard box in my mind, just big enough for me to fit in, sitting on my heels. I crawl into it for protection against all the different impressions and problems around me. The first problem with this solution is, probably a pattern since my childhood, that the imagined protection is only very temporary before a feeling of oppression takes over. The second problem […]