Help: I’m looking for a new title

Can you help me? I’m looking for a new title for my blog. Two years ago I called it “Help! I’m famous. How to deal with success”, later I adjusted the last part to “Dealing with stress and success”.  But actually, I’m not much writing about fame, and I don’t want to write about fame.

I want to write more about leadership and artists, about how some management theories about leadership in business can be translated easily to artists, and how artist can profit from it in leading their life, their career and their fans, at any stage of their career.

I do have the content and know what direction I want to go. What would be a good and catchy title for this?

I will post this in various LinkedIn groups for artists, on Facebook, on Twitter and here on the blog. All suggestions will be taken in consideration. The best three (subject to my very own taste) can win one day e-coaching.

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