Pain and loss

imagesLast month my father in law passed away. I’ve known him for 22 years and we became quite close, especially in the last two years when he needed more and more care. He had a good life,  played tennis until he was 90 years old and could say goodbye to family and life before he died. Still, the emotional roller coaster in the last month was quite intense. I’m happy to have known him for so long and I’m sad that he’s gone. I wish that you could have done more for him and I’m relieved that the burden of care is gone now. After a month, gratitude and good memories predominate.

I had to think of the show of Chloe Charles last autumn, when she told on stage that she had lost several close family members within half a year. While I got quite silent in the last month, she got creative. On stage she explained: “One of the best things of being a musician is, that you can turn something depressing into something beautiful or fun.”

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