BalloonsToday I saw that the book of a friend is sold out, and that she will start to re-write it this summer for the second edition. When I asked her if she would celebrate it, she told me that she would wait for the second edition to be published.

Grown up on a small farm I learned, that every reason is a good one to celebrate! We celebrated both, birthdays and (catholic) name-days, Saint Nicolas and Christmas, anniversaries, holidays, the birth of a calf, and we BBQ-ed to celebrate the good weather. With big celebrations like 50th anniversaries we celebrated twice, a bit on the day itself and later again with a huge event. If there was reason to postpone a celebration, it was always enough reason to celebrate twice. That is what ‘carpe diem’ is all about!

When I moved from the countryside to the city and later from Germany to the Netherlands, I forgot the lessens I’ve learned. Success seemed the norm, there was no reason anymore to celebrate or to feel special. I went to parties, of course, but it felt more as a duty than as a celebration. I forgot to celebrate the good things in life! I forgot how important it is to celebrate.

Celebration reminds us to be grateful and thankful. It is fun too. It makes us feel special, makes us to see everything light and bright. So I suggested to the friend to celebrate today already, and again when the second edition is published. And let me follow my own advise, and start to celebrate that I’m feeling better today after a lousy day yesterday, that the sun is shining, that I’m healthy, that I love my work … Enough reasons to celebrate 🙂

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