Plans need assumptions 2

assumeIt could all be so easy, if we had all the information we need, and more. We could anticipate on what’s coming, what will happen now, in a minute, tomorrow, next year. While we don’t have the information, we make it up. We assume certain things to be in a certain way.

One fish: How is the water? Other fish: What’s the hack is water? (

Do you know what I mean? When I come to the office, I assume that the heater is working and that everything is there just like I left it yesterday. Today, as member of the board, I had to call a leaving member of the association. I assumed to know why he wanted to leave. But actually, no one ever asked him, and that was one of the points he wanted to make, one of the reasons to leave the association. What a lapsus! Especially because I joined the board to proof that communications can be done better!

We need assumptions in order to go on, to move forward. I have to assume that the earth will not start to shake when I set the next step. As artist, I have to make plans for the future, for a next album, for shows, for reaching out to my audience. All the plans are based on assumptions.

While assumptions often proof to be right when it’s about stuff, they are often false when it’s about communications. I dare to say that assumptions are in the top 5 of reasons for arguments or conflicts. And in our plannings, we assume so many things, that it’s a wonder if the plans really come true. It’s good to make plans, and it’s good to be aware that they are based on assumptions, like our good health to start with. And if some of the assumptions proof to be false, it’s good to fight for your dreams, and to be flexible enough to adjust the plans. That’s what I learned in the last 2 years.

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