Perspective and fame

1070085_232446043613328_1572139113_nSquare or circle? If you look at a cylinder it  depends on the perspective, on the context, as illustrated so clear in the picture. A friend posted it yesterday at Facebook.

Context is important in everyday life too. Like the right-wing Dutch politician who asked his voters yesterday if they would prefer more or less foreigners, and the all shouted “less, less, less”. If you ask the same question to employers who are looking for a work force, they would shout “more, more, more”.

Or in music business. If you ask musicians if they want to become famous or obscure, a huge majority will say “famous”. They are attracted by the golden aureole that shines around the circle, by the glitter and glamor associated with fame. Some might even be appalled if they would see the square in the blue light, the lack of privacy, the persistence of paperazzi and some fans, or other less appealing aspects.

If you keep staring at the circle in the yellow light, you will never discover the blue square. Though if you take a step back, you suddenly discover a whole new perspective on things, often positive, always more complex and exciting!

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