Expect the unexpected

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s like today is screaming the whole time ‘expect the unexpected’ to me! It started when I woke up from a nasty dream. When I got up, everything was misty outside. Later on, the sun broke through and it was a beautiful and warm autumn-day. And on the way to the office I had a flat tire that I had to fix while I was full of other plans.

Somehow that is what fall as season tells me every year again: be careful with your plannings and expectations, the day will turn out different anyway. Fall is full of changes and surprises. The weather can change quickly, the temperature too. And the colors of the trees seem to change by the hour!

How do you deal with changes in circumstances as an artist? Are you strong enough to change the circumstances to your expectations? And are you flexible enough to adjust your expectations when you can’t change the circumstances? And the most difficult is of course to recognize when to do what! A good lead in distinguishing between those two is knowing what’s important to you. Just take some time, especially when you are busy, to put your priorities on paper. Good luck!

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