Miley Cyrus – comparing apples and oranges?

apples-and-orangesThe open letter of Sinead O’Connor to Miley Cyrus seems to be an issue in the music business right now. Sinead writes about Mileys new video clip Wrecking Ball.  Below I have the link, in case you haven’t seen it yet.  Sinead has great respect for Miley as an artist, and is telling her that she is exploited by all the men in the music business, who are prostituting her in order to make money for themselves.

A great addition to this letter is an open letter from Amanda Palmer to Sinead O’Connor. She thinks that Miley is in control of her act, that she is not exploited. In her eyes, Miley’s is searching for her artistic form, and all women should have the freedom to search for their artistic form in their own way.

Both Sinead and Amanda assume that Miley is an artist. With her performance at the video awards and with her new clip, I see her as an entertainer who is out there to get as much attention as possible. And if you look at the amount of reactions to her twerking at the video awards, she’s really good at it; she knows her craft. There is nothing wrong with entertainers.

Still, being good in getting attention and in entertaining people, doesn’t make you an artist. For being an artist, you have to be creative. Comparing entertainers with artists is like comparing apples with oranges. Still, that’s what we do in the music business all the time, it seems.

I agree with Amanda Palmer in that Miley is in control. And I agree with Sinead O’Connor in that Miley is being exploited – by herself. It’s not her search for her artistic form that makes her turn to twerking, she uses it to get the attention she needs in order to make money. In that way, she is using the old power women have used for centuries, by the lack of real power: the power of sex, youth and looks. It doesn’t help at all to get women empowered, and in the way Miley uses it, it’s nothing artistic either. She might not be an artist in my eyes, she’s absolutely good as an entertainer!

Open letter of Sinead O’Connor to Miley Cyrus, with reaction from Miley, and from Sinead, and from Miley, and from Sinead:

Sinead O’Connor’s open letter to Miley Cyrus. Miley responds, Sinead responds to Miley, Miley responds to Sinead, Sinead responds to Miley

Open letter of Amanda Palmer to Sinead O’Connor:

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