Unblocking 6: Abundance

15548950-a-cup-of-tea-on-wood-board-drink-for-healthOh, I love this one! I wrote about it before, in October last year.  The feeling of abundance is only for a small part related to material wealth. It has everything to do with you, allowing yourself to take good care of you. If you try, you will discover that often it’s the little things that make life luxurious for you!

Just take some time and think about it. No, forget for a moment about posh cars, juwelery and golden teeth. What small things do you deny yourself, eve if you know that it would make you feel luxurious? For me it is sitting in a cafe with a cup of tea and a piece of apple pie. Lot’s of daylight is appreciated, a terrace when shun is shining, and I’ll watch people, read a book or write. I feel cherished at those moments, cherished by myself. For my partner it’s fresh blueberries in the muesli every morning. And yes, in winter they are expensive. But imagine that for a small amount of € 2 a day you can feel luxurious! Why wouldn’t you spend that money?

The feeling of abundance has lots to do with security, on a deeper level than at the first post of unblocking. If you have this feeling of abundance, you feel cherished and you are not afraid. You know that live will turn out well, that it’s the moment that counts, and that you are allowed to feel secure and abundant now.

This is a feeling you can share with the audience when performing! It makes them feel abundant too, and they will love you for that!

Today abundance gets a whole new meaning for me. I’ve fasted for two days, eaten not more than 500 kcal per day. Today is the first day that I eat normally again. Everything has so much more taste now! It reminds me of a summer holiday. I was camping with a group  close to a monastery in France, helping the nuns on the field, removing old tree stumps with an axe. After half a day work, we got some lemon water with fresh bread. I’ve never had anything so delicious than that lemon water!

What is your small secret to feel abundant?

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