Unblocking 7: Connection

With the previous post I forgot to mention that working on abundance is a good opportunity to investigate your own attitude towards money and wealth on one side, and at the other side the concept of ‘enough’ and appreciating what you have.

OCR-IT_API_SDK_cloud_hello_in_many_languagesConnection is about connecting to yourself, your inner source. You can start with listening to yourself. This will help you to create a map of where you are, where you are coming from and where you want to go. Start with reading your morning pages. What is it that keeps you busy? What patterns do you see? And what longings do you write about?

In the past I often tried to run away from myself. I didn’t want to listen to myself, afraid to discover nasty things. So yes, it is a risk to start to connect to yourself, to discover your creative child. And I can tell you that it’s worth it, and that there is nothing to be afraid of! Go for it! Even some nasty emotions for the past, like jealousy, can help you. Jealousy tells you more about yourself than about the person you envy. It helps you to write that map, to discover where you are and the direction you want to take. When you look back: who did you envy? What did this person have that made you envy her/him? And what is it that could fix it for you?

I grew up as a girl on an animal farm. The animals had to be fed every day, so we couldn’t travel for summer holidays. During my time at high-school I felt stuck in the small village. Fascinated by the great diversity of cultures, I envied everyone who had travelled abroad. Later on I made it work. Now I live in a different country¬† and work internationally; I speak three different languages on a daily basis and travel abroad frequently. I love it!

Jealousy means, that you want something and believe that you can’t get it. If you make this process more conscious, you often are able to figure out how you can get it after all!

There is one caution though when connecting and listening to yourself, it’s regarding the perfectionist in yourself. “Perfectionism is a refusal to let yourself move ahead” says Julia Cameron. It’s better to connect to your inner, playful child and just create.¬† “A painting is never finished. It simply stops in interesting places.” (Paul Gardner)

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