Somehow the ‘universe’ doesn’t know the right timing. There are periods that I get really bored and nothing happens. And than again, like last month, everything happens at once.

This must sound quite familiar to artists too. Right now all business stuff is good news! One of my artists, AlascA, just signed a record deal in the UK. Another Dutch artist, Lilian Hak, released her new album last week. And we just passed the deadline for applications for Conincx Pop Festival. That is another 200 e-mails from colleagues to pay attention to. Last week Melkweg in Amsterdam had Grauzone Festival, where my partner Rob was involved. At home we had some chores with a deadline. And a family member is in hospital since three weeks. Fortunately I feel healthy again and have my concentration back.

Last week after I went to a show I was so tired, that my teeth started to hurt. I couldn’t think straight anymore. Fortunately a good night sleep is the best remedy. But what if you can’t even sleep properly anymore?

For me it helps if I write down all the lose ends and worries. That way I can put them aside. Sometimes meditation helps. And the most important thing is, that I treat myself kindly, that I don’t put myself under even more pressure. The best time to take a break, pick a terrace for a nice cup of coffee or tea is, when you are so busy and have so many deadlines that you don’t know anymore where your head is.

It’s easy to say, I know. In the last two weeks I didn’t follow my own advise, even if I know I should. And strangely enough, I know profit from the surgery last summer and the lack of concentration. I learned how to get my priorities right. And that’s exactly what helps me to hold on. I do everything step by step, the most important things first. Everything else has to wait, and sometimes problems solve themselves than without my intervention.

Sleep, sometimes a break and being kind to myself help me to put my priorities right, to survive periods of big pressure. What is your remedy?

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