Control versus trust 2

lange-en-kronkelige-weg_2433136“Don’t worry, life will turn our different anyway.” That’s how my father in law quoted his sister recently. How true. I had lots of plans when he told me, and a week later I got flu. The flu lasted for 3 (!) weeks. That never happened to me, ever! Every control we think we have about the future proved to be an illusion, you don’t know what’s behind the next corner of life.

This is also true to all the plans you make as an artist. You might want to make plans about how to grow your talent and your audience, and than your income too. And suddenly all the assumptions you made are not valid anymore, like how the market works or that you will grow steadily. Quite scary, right? Especially if you are a control freak!

Can you trust the people you work with, even if you have a set back? Are you able to let go, and accept the changed circumstances? To start to make new plans? How good is your ability to put yourself into perspective?

This quote is about having trust in the future, about being able to let go the control you would like to have about the future, to deal with changed circumstances. To be honest, for me it’s difficult to trust future. How do you deal with trust and letting go your (illusion of) control?

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2 thoughts on “Control versus trust

    • Hilde Spille

      That’s the question 😉 I discovered that it’s easier to trust future, if I start to trust myself. That means, that I treat myself well, celebrate my achievements and stop myself if I’m mentally start to beat me up. For me, that’s the first step. Than comes enjoying nature, which helps to put all the panic and worries into perspective. And some good reggae music!