Showing off

Showing off, bragging, telling about your talents – in the Netherlands it’s all seen as quite negative. In the USA on the other side it’s appreciated, you don’t get anywhere without it.

I’m a bit stuck with the Dutch way. A month ago I developed this new model, 4-stages-of-fame, and I didn’t tell people about it yet. I want everyone to know, but I feel a bit shy. What if they don’t like it? Or worse: what if they do? It might change my life! Will I be ready for that?

So I continue to do what I’m doing for years: working as agent for artists. I’ve just took on two new Dutch artists, Jodymoon and Lilian Hak. And another Dutch artist, AlascA, just signed a record deal in the UK. I’ve loaded myself with work, as if I don’t want the new model to become a success.

On the other side I’m not desperate about it anymore. The idea about the new model started to sprout half a year ago. At that time I thought I’d need it as solution for getting enough work. Obviously I don’t have that problem anymore.

Though still shy, I’m looking at it more independent now. I want to develop the new model and to start with coaching, not because I think I’m forced to do it, but because it’s what I want to do. So this weekend I’ll overcome my shyness and I’ll start to show off, to tell everyone about this new concept of 4-stages-of-fame, and that not every artist has to become famous in order to be successful. Posting this idea on various LinkedIn groups seems a good idea to start with. Because if I don’t tell people, they don’t know about me and my new idea’s. But I guess you as artist know about this dilemma, shyness versus showing-off, for quite a long time already 😉

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