Everyone wants to be happy, right? It’s so important, that they even put it in the constitution of the United States, just as the freedom to speak.

Too often I register with  myself, that I have some very romantic images of happiness. These images often prevent me to really enjoy the moment, for I compare the moment with the images, and often the images are better than the moment.

The same is true for success and fame. Most of us have the perfect image of success and fame in our heads, and of course happiness is part of it as well, and everyone loves us, and we are finally free to do what we want.

Also here the image doesn’t fit with reality, and prevents us from enjoying the moment. Success and fame is hard work, you don’t have any privacy anymore, most of the business people around you are financially depending on your success. Many of them will put you under pressure for their own interests. Thousands of people admire you, but you might feel lonely and empty.

I don’t want to say that you shouldn’t become happy, successful or famous. Though I do think that it’s important to realize that you will not feel like you thought you would feel when imagining to be happy, successful or famous. It’s important to give loneliness, sadness, silence and contemplation a place too, even when you are supposed to be happy, successful or famous. Don’t feel ashamed if it all bores you at times and if you don’t enjoy. Just take it as it comes and make the best of it.
For me it means, that I have to accept that after surgery 7 weeks ago I still have concentration problems. So I limit my time behind the computer, and made this beautiful collage, representing the joy that fall can give us. And no, I don’t expect sunny fall weather every day now 😉

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