D.I.Y. mentality

The hippie- and punk-movement brought us the concept of D.I.Y., Do It Yourself. We don’t have to depend on others to do stuff for us, we can do it ourselves. The hippies started communes on the countryside, groups of adults and children who tried to live self-sufficient, grow their own veggies and (re-)build their own homes. Punk brought this into the center of American and European cities. They applied the D.I.Y. concept to arts and music too.

When The Beatles where the first band who insisted to continue to write their own songs when famous, with punk music this was obligatory. And if you didn’t find a label to publish your records, you started doing it yourself, and to book your own shows, and learn to play bass even if you have never done so before.
The most important think about D.I.Y. is not that you have to do everything yourself. It means that you have the mentality to independence. You could do it yourself if necessary, and that way you are independent. You keep in control about everything that happens to your band, you feel responsible yourself. That’s what D.I.Y. mentality is about.

In the 70’s and 80’s D.I.Y. always meant also D.I.T.: Do It Together. People often forget it when talking about D.I.Y. today. You  need a community of like-minded people and artists around you. With all the possibilities in the social media, this should be easier than ever. And don’t hesitate to call in for help if needed, that’s what others are for. And don’t hesitate to return a favor too 😉

Let’s revive the concept of D.I.Y. and D.I.T!

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