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Everyone knows by now that body and mind are linked, and that there is a connection between a healthy body and a healthy mind. Until summer my body was very fit and I was very productive and creative in my work, it was amazing!

After serious surgery end of July the connection between body and mind has become a much deeper meaning to me. While my body was recovering really good and quick, my mind is still a bit infantile. I suddenly love all those TV series that I normally never watch for they are too stupid. And while I expected to be able to slowly start working again two weeks after surgery, I still miss the ability to concentrate, to solve problems, or to do creative stuff.

This shows me again how important it is to take good care for your body and your mind, to keep them both in a good shape. I’m sure that the remarkably quick healing of the scars is thanks to the good shape of my body prior to the surgery. And it also helps that I keep my mind at rest. I imagine that all energy goes to the healing of my body now.

Musicians often stand for unexpected situations, mentally and physically. You will be able to master it much better and recover much quicker, if you keep you body and mind at a good shape!

What is your advise to keep body and mind in good shape??

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One thought on “Body and mind

  • Mark Kirby

    Think good thoughts. Be sensitive to warning signs in the body and as you go through life. Meditate. When angry or bitter or fearful thoughts come into your mind, let them pass like clouds on a sunny day. And also take Turmeric, preferably using the root in cooking. The capsules are good, also. It’s great for a lot of things. Look it up online.

    Mark Kirby here, peace out.