Oh yes, we all admire the pop-stars of the world for their freedom. They don’t have to adjust to the routines of normal people, we think, they can do whatever they want whenever they wan it.

But is this really true? Rihanna tweeted a photo from herself in a train from London to Paris, and the departure time was on the photo. When arriving in Paris, she was welcomed by so many fans, that security and bodyguards had problems with keeping them on a distance. Is that freedom??

As an artist, you sometimes look at yourself from the eyes of a fan, who admires everything you do, and thinks that its so cool to party every night, the whole ‘sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll’ tale. And even if you feel the need to get some rest, you think that you have to party again and to enjoy it. Isn’t that why all the people admire you and why they are jealous at you?

I’m convinced that freedom is always the freedom to choose and to say no. And the best choices differ from person to person. So it’s important to know yourself, to know what choices are best for you yourself. And for you as an artist the best choice could be to go to bed early instead of party all night through.

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