Rhythm is all around us

Music needs rhythm, no doubt about it. But where do you get the rhythm? Your own heartbeat is a good inspiration. I love it, when I’ve done some sports, heaving a quick heartbeat and listen to music that has the same rhythm. It’s so exciting! It also works the other way around. Music with a slow rhythm can calm me down when I’m upset. My heartbeat tries to mach the rhythm of the song. If you look around, everything seems […]

Art and sensitivity

Research has shown, that 20% of the population can be categorized as highly sensitive persons (HSP). This percentage is valid for animals too! So there has to be a evolutionary gain in having a sensitive minority. I’m convinced that artists are even more sensitive than the average population. You have to be sensitive to colors and shape in order to make great paintings, or to sounds and rhythm in order to write great songs. Others are sensitive to odor, touch, […]