Art and sensitivity

6a00d83451cb9a69e201156f8824a8970c-400wiResearch has shown, that 20% of the population can be categorized as highly sensitive persons (HSP). This percentage is valid for animals too! So there has to be a evolutionary gain in having a sensitive minority.

I’m convinced that artists are even more sensitive than the average population. You have to be sensitive to colors and shape in order to make great paintings, or to sounds and rhythm in order to write great songs. Others are sensitive to odor, touch, taste or moods.

If you are HSP, it will work as an advantage in your art. Though it will also come with some struggles, especially when you get over-aroused. Critics might hit you  harder than you would expect, some simple circumstances might cause a block in your creativity. I heard of someone who’s eyes are so sensitive, that she can’t stand the frequency of neon lights. It’s important to know what you are sensitive for and how you can avoid or deal with over-arousal on a very personal level.

I’m very sensitive and even allergic to artificial scent. If the hair-dresser puts some gel in my hair, I have red and itchy eyes all day through, until I’m at home to wash  my hair. And even than it takes some days for the scent to disappear. I don’t have this problem with natural scents. So now I use my nose as my best adviser when I want to find some natural care products 🙂

In my writing I use my sensitivity for moods and atmosphere. This has brought me to the conclusion, that it’s a myth that success and fame will solve all your problems. And that’s why and how I started this blog 😉

How do you use your sensitivity in your art?

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