Rhythm is all around us

Music needs rhythm, no doubt about it. But where do you get the rhythm? Your own heartbeat is a good inspiration. I love it, when I’ve done some sports, heaving a quick heartbeat and listen to music that has the same rhythm. It’s so exciting! It also works the other way around. Music with a slow rhythm can calm me down when I’m upset. My heartbeat tries to mach the rhythm of the song.

If you look around, everything seems to have a rhythm. For trees it’s the slow rhythm of the seasons. Finally they start blossoming again. For water it’s the tidal rhythm, for the day fly the whole life is over within a day.

There are more rhythms we adapt to, like day-night, week-weekend, seasons, economic rhythms (growth-crisis), fashion rhythms (did you notice that everything is coming back?) and many more.

Sometimes I even believe that Stones are alive and have their own rhythm. Some mountains still grow, on other places the earth is flattening. It’s a very show rhythm. Maybe we would be able to hear it, if we would be alive for 1000 years. The stones on the picture seem to have a rhythm, slightly different for every stone.

Where do you pick up your rhythm?

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