Apple trees, diamonds and straight edge

When describing what they do, some musicians compare themselves with an apple tree. They start with the blossoming enthusiasm for their music. They have to invest first, in order to harvest the ripe apples later on. That’s when they share their talent with the world.

Other musicians compare themselves with a diamond. They want their music to shine. They want to show the world how precious they are.

One important aspect combines both comparisons and it often forgotten: for the best result, you have to limit yourself.

In winter, apple trees are pruned. Only the strong branches are left, on a certain distance to each other. A good pruned apple tree will provide you with a much richer harvest.

Diamonds have to be cut for the brightest shine. Cutting diamonds is a very specific craft, almost an art in itself.

I experienced feeling free, when I decided to adopt a vegetarian live style. I don’t have to think about it anymore, don’t have to make choices about it. It clears my mind. I can direct the energy to other things.

This is also the thought behind the Straight Edge Movement – sXe. Most people who consider themselves straight-edge eat vegetarian or vegan. Straight-edge in general advocates a healthy life with sports and lots of vegetables, without alcohol or tobacco, without mindless sex. It’s not only healthy, you will become more productive and better in your art too.

“Don’t smoke / don’t drink / don’t fuck / at least I can fucking think!” (Minor Threat: Out Of Step)

What about you? Do you still believe in ‘sex, drugs and rock’n’roll’?


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