Art is trial-and-error

Last week I got a bit philosophical, with the flu clouding my head. Somehow I could accept from myself to be less than 100% perfect. And while looking around me, I noticed that everyone is actually messing around a bit, trying to adjust to expectations, trying to find a bit of happiness, trying to make ends meet. Even if someone has a great plan, in the end it’s about trial and error.

I see the trial-and-error approach with our IT specialist and with our handyman too. When they work, thinks often don’t go as they planned, but they know their way around it, they know how to fix it.

All art comes from trial-and-error. You can hear it in the rehearsal rooms, you can see it at x-ray pictures of famous old paintings. It’s good to have a plan, so you know in what direction you want to go. Knowing the direction, prepare for some detours. Even if a detour might feel like hell, it might bring you the bliss of true creativity, a moment when everything comes together again.

I used to expect things to go as planned, and was blaming myself and others if they didn’t. I’m now starting to become a bit milder to myself and others, to trust in our ability to follow the direction while fixing things and adjusting the plans.



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