Wake up, rise and shine!

Yesterday I was getting tired on Trump getting the headlines again with one of his discriminating laws. Tired also of all the posts on my FB timeline from people sharing their outrage. You only reach like-minded people with it, so what’s the use of it? Actually, that’s exactly what all these laws are about. They want us to get tired of being outraged, they want us to get used to it!

It’s time to wake up. Since January 20, Trump is signing one after the other law, overruling the parliament. He hits Native Americans (oil pipeline), Muslims (Muslim ban) and women (anti-abortion) with his laws. That’s discrimination of race, religion and gender.

Right now, the US government is not protecting its people, but only white, protestant men. The USA is in the middle of a coup, according to Michael Moore. The world is preparing for war, according to Mikhail Gorbachev. This is not only about the USA, it’s of concern to the whole world.

“When people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty.” (Thomas Jefferson)

It’s time to wake up, rise and shine. How to stay outraged without loosing your mind? I’m happy to share some advise from The Coffeelicious:

1. Don’t get used to Trump – get away from him
If you keep following the news and the hype about it all the time, it will become too much. Your brain will adapt by shifting the scale, by seeing Trumps actions as ‘normal’. Go off-line, avoid news and papers every once in a while to prevent that from happening.

2. Focus your energy on one or two issues
You can’t carry the burden of the whole world. Pick one or two issues that you can really relate to. For me it’s showing alternatives and telling people how to persevere in their fight for justice.

3. Make activism fun
This should be something up your alley. You’re an artist, you can bring fun and humor to serious issues. Don’t underestimate the power of music! There’s a whole tradition of protest songs through the centuries.

4. Take care of the basics
The basis is you, your mind, your body. Now it’s more important than ever to keep it in shape. Eat well, sleep well, drink enough water, get your me-time and don’t forget physical exercise. I’m taking the bicycle on my way to the office and when shopping.

“All great art comes from a sense of outrage.” (Glenn Close)

What’s your favorite protest song?


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