The secret of getting lucky

cleeseSome weeks ago I heard a very interesting lecture by John Cleese. Most people know him from his period in Monty Python and the reunion of Monty Python last summer, or from the comedy Fawlty Towers. I still start laughing out loud when I think of the scenes at the Ministry of Silly Walks!

Many people don’t know, that he’s given many lectures to business people. He’s earned a fortune with that, to give as alimentary to his divorced wives, as he puts it himself. So he’s a very successful man. One major point he puts out in the recent lecture was, that we always “underestimate the huge part that luck plays in our minds”.

What’s his secret in getting lucky? Very simple: “Be persistent, until you will get lucky!”.

Easy said, right? How do you keep persistent after setbacks? How do you know if it’s worth to be persistent instead of quitting to start something new? I guess it’s all about how important it is for you to be a musician, to reach your audience.

There are five empowerment tools that can help you, in business and in creativity:
– purpose, knowing the meaning of your music
– attitude, a positive attitude towards music and life
– network, connecting to people who like your music
– engagement, go for it, dare to make choices
– energy, balance between activities that cost and that give energy

All five can help you to become persistent even after setbacks. What’s your strong point? Where do you start to stay persistent?

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