Start all over again?

windmolen in sneeuwHappy new year to everyone!

Isn’t it exciting, the start of a new year? Every year again I want to believe in this chance to start all over again, to begin with a clean slate. In the euphoria of party and firecrackers at midnight I have so many good intentions, that the hangover the next day feels extra heavy 😉

What is it with a new year, starting all over again and good intentions? I often made the mistake to forget to look at the basis, at me. The intentions were so much not-me, not thought through, that they were doomed to fail. Starting with sport is one of them. Since I was 11 years old, I hated sports at school. When I studied, a friend convinced me to join her at the handball team. I quit again after 4 months. Years later when I was already working at Paperclip Agency, I tried fitness. After 3 months I quit. About 10 years ago, when I started the new year with the intention to start sporting, the intention was doomed to fail. I couldn’t find the time for it, so I didn’t even bother to start!

But not everything is lost! Every new day offers the chance to a new start. All good intentions that I’ve put into action, started on an ordinary day during the year. When working on my thesis, I quit smoking on December 01, 1993. In summer 2013 I started to move to a healthy weight, and I’m able to keep it. And since fall 2011 I also do some exercises for strong and flexible muscles, 30 minutes minimum 3 times a week. I do them at home, a combination of gym and yoga. My mom told me yesterday that actually I’m following my granny in this, she was doing something similar.

Still, I don’t give up on good intentions to start the new year. My good intention for this year is to feel more connected. It’s more a theme than an intention. This theme fits with me, with who and how I am. A theme doesn’t feel like a clean slate and sometimes I miss that feeling. But after a night of fresh snow it’s there again, the whole world starts all over again 🙂

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