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10435842_774100925968043_2023390020280490512_nThere is no easy road to success, every artist has to go his/her own way. Or as I saw in a quote from Joseph Campbell last week: “If the path before you is clear, you’re probably on somebody else’s.”

So if the path is not clear, that should be a good sign, right? Does that mean that you should feel lost all the time? That sounds quite depressing, like the myth that an artist has to suffer in order to create great work. I don’t believe that!

There are many ways for you to go your own way. Walking in circles while stumbling ahead is only one of them, one that I wouldn’t advise. When hiking, a compass would come in handy. And that’s exactly what I want to offer you with this blog and with workshops and coaching I do.

A compass will not tell you where you have to go, it will give you orientation on where you are. I do that, in discovering your strengths and use that as orientation points. It is a far better orientation than the often used comparison with others, which will always highlighting your weaknesses. Starting with your strength will give you the motivation you need to go on. It also makes it easier for you to see what direction you want to continue with, even if you can’t see all details yet.

That’s why I changed the name. ‘Compass for creatives’ covers quite well what I’m doing, I want to compass you. Next month (September 2014) I’ll start with a newsletter. If you are interested, please let me know at hilde(a)CompassForCreatives.com – and please replace the (a) with @.

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