Like a diva …

2012_56605_179620Last night I felt like a diva, sitting with sunglasses at the terrace of a nice restaurant, the sun shining right into my face, a glass of wine on the table, great food, accompanied by three nice men.

What is a diva like? Often people (women) are called a diva, if they are very picky and have unrealistic specific demands, like eating the yellow M&M’s only. The picky attitude is associated with a nagging voice, portrayed as  childish behavior. At the same time a diva is admired, for she doesn’t seem to care about what others think about her behavior.

The word ‘diva’ actually means female goddess and is used in opera for centuries for outstanding female singers like Maria Callas (see picture). It entered the English language in the 19th century and was used in theater, cinema and pop music too. Now everyone with an arrogant attitude will hear “don’t be such a diva”.

For me, the word diva has a very sovereign sound. Last night I enjoyed myself. I felt that I was worth all the good things around me, including sun, food, wine and good company. It doesn’t have to be like that every day, though when it happens, I deserve it to happen to me.  For me, being a diva it has nothing to do with being picky or nagging or childish. Sovereign, confident, dignified, joyful, that’s what describes diva for me. And I love it!

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