Holiday is like fame …

2305130682_5ae7c2a433It’s summer and for two weeks we already have great summer weather over here, they don’t expect it to change in the next week. And today my summer holiday starts 🙂

Before summer holiday starts, everyone is looking forward to it. We start to make lots of plans, looking forward to travel and see yourselves in a very different environment enjoying life. Often we create a dream that has little to do with who we really are. Every time I imagined myself enjoying sunbaths at the beach in the sun, I realized during holiday that I actually don’t enjoy sunbaths. I got grumpy until I found other ways to spend my day, like exploring the countryside behind the beaches.

The high expectations we have on spending our perfect holidays, on being able to switch from stressed out to total relaxation, will definitely lead to disappointment and irritations during holiday.  I know that my expectations are too high, I know that it’s still me myself, with all my odd habits, who has to fit in the picture, and that I have trouble to get it right.

Being famous is similar. I guess that every musician once dreamed about becoming famous, meet all your idols backstage at a festival, prove to all the bullies from high school that they were wrong, and go so on. What they forget is, that fame doesn’t cure your own insecurity, even if there are thousands of fans waiting for you. They forget, that with fame you don’t get another personality that you can slip into like a new suit. All the expectations you have to face when famous can really stress you out.

We have those idealized pictures about holidays and about fame, pictures we want to be part of but somehow don’t find the right fit.

So this year I decided to just skip the word ‘holiday’. I’ll enjoy some time with my partner, doing things we often don’t find the time for, like being lazy, traveling, what ever suits us on that specific day.

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