Unblocking 12: Faith 1

12710264-apple-takken-beladen-met-rode-rijpe-appels-tegen-een-levendige-blauwe-hemel--natuurlijk-lichtI will not start a new church, certainly not! Faith means, that we don’t have control about our creativity and art. And yet, we have to trust our creativity and art, believe that it’s good and necessary to be creative.

There are many obstacles on our way towards more creativity. And if you have read all the previous 11 leads to un-block your creativity you are probably aware by now, that we are very good in creating the major blocks ourselves. It happens every time when we hesitate to create, when we doubt the ‘use’ or ‘purpose’ of it. Deep inside we know that we are creative and that it’s good to be creative!

For many artists it helps to believe in a higher power. You can call it god, the almighty, a spiritual guide or just universal energy, as long as it allows you to be creative. Think about it: in torah, bible and quran, god created humans after his (or her?) image. The most remarkable think was the act of creation; this means that the best way of worshiping is to be creative ourselves!

If you are religious or not (like me), it’s hard to keep faith in ones own creativity. You can’t control it, you don’t know where and when it comes, it’s mystical. Still, it flourishes from routine, from practice, from not giving in. Writing your thoughts every morning, playing your guitar every evening, sing every day, just for fun, even if you don’t feel like it, will help with the creative flow. Actually, almost any hobby can open the port to creative flow. The paradox with creativity is, that you seriously have to take it lightly 😉

The last point I want to talk about in this 12-piece is about the attraction of the old, just when you start something new, like when you decided to introduce creativity to your routine. See it as a test. Every time when I changed my life big way, the old environment that I didn’t like suddenly became very attractive. Bullies started to be kind to me when I announced that I would leave to another school, cigarette smoke wasn’t a problem anymore when I decided to quit smoking, I started to love the intellectual side of Germany when I decided to move to the Netherlands. I’m sure that you have had that experiences too, every time you decided to start something new. Don’t get fooled. Have faith, and if necessary, keep your plans to yourself until the are ‘ripe’ to share.

Creativity is like harvesting ripe apples. You have to do the groundwork and you have to be patient, and than you can harvest when time is ready.


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