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Artists create and muses inspire. The ancient Greeks had 9 muses to get inspired: Calliope for epic poetry, Clio for history, Erato for love poetry, Euterpe for song, Melpomene for tragedy, Polyhymnia for hymns, Terpsichore for dance, Thalia for comedy and Urania for astronomy. All of them are goddesses.

Most artists today get inspired by other people, literature, nature etc.; not by goddesses. Camille Claudel inspired the French sculptor Auguste Rodin, and was his muse. He expected her to be there for him, like a goddess would be. By doing so, he prevented her to make name as an artist herself. Recently, some specialists think that many sculptures of Rodin are actually made by Claudel.

With the technological possibility for musicians to reach a huge amount of people at once, like on radio, TV, internet and at arena shows, artists have become muses to their fans.

When famous, you have a responsibility not only towards your fans, but also to the whole team of business people around you. This responsible side of your mind doesn’t work together with the creative side of your mind. Is this why many famous people are suddenly blocked in their creativity?

The five aspects of centered leadership can help artists to keep in touch with their creative side, with the essence of being an artist, when the world around them is expecting them to behave like a muse. What secret to you have to keep in touch with your creativity, and to get inspired?

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2 thoughts on “Creativity and inspiration

  • Mike Loughran

    Hilde – ART inspires MY creativity. If I didn’t have to go to work, and didn’t WANT to reply to your LinkedIN post, I could go on FOREVER … ;- ]