“So I disappear a lot”

“Being noticed can be a burden. Jesus got himself crucified because he got himself noticed. So I disappear a lot.” (Bob Dylan)

When I heard the news last week that Adele was going to disappear for five years to work on her next album, I felt deep respect for her, more than for winning six Grammy Awards (congratulations!). If I would be her agent, I wouldn’t be happy with that decision, and especially not with the timing.

So I wanted to ask her, how she managed to resist her fans, who want to see her perform. And how she was dealing with the pressure of the music business (managers, agents, labels, …) who all profit from her success and want her to continue. What gave her the strengths to face all that opposition? And if/where did she get support for her decision?

Shortly after, Adele shortened the 5 years she mentioned in the interview, to 5 days on her blog. By now she probably has returned to her duties in the music business, and will start working on her new album soon. I hope for her that she will find the space and time to disappear once in a while.

Still, I wonder what the answers to my questions would have been …

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