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In the previous five posts I described the five aspects of centred leadership, as described by Joanna Barsh in “When remarkable women lead”.  The great thing about these five aspects is, that there is no extra task for you, there is no pressure.  It’s just a way you become more conscious of what you are doing already, and let one action support the next one. The only think you have to do, is keep these five aspects in mind, one at the time, like background music.

Actually, I see the five aspects (meaning, framing, connecting, engaging, energizing) as an upwards spiral staircase. Every stair supports the next one.

Meaning give you the courage to change your patterns (framing), helps you to find your flow (energy) and gives you a direction for your connecting. A positive mind (framing) gives you the openness to search for your meaning, gives you energy for connecting and shows you possibilities for engaging. Connecting makes your framing more effective, shows you new ways to engage, gives you energy. Engaging brings you new contacts, is a source of energy and and gives you freedom to search for your meaning. Energy is a soft push in the search for meaning, helps you engaging, and makes you stand out, what is good for making new contacts.

There are many more ways how the five aspects support each another.  And keeping it in mind like a background music helped me to start with this blog, to speak out what I think is missing in the music business.

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