The Beatles

Broaden your musical horizon by unlearning

How we see the world around us is for a high degree determined by what we have learned. Sometimes we have to unlearn to be able to give our creativity a boost, to broaden your musical horizons. Looking into the mirror Have you ever seen a baby in front of a mirror? The baby has to learn to recognize the image as belonging to him/her. When we look into a reverse mirror we experience something similar. In a ‘real mirror’ […]

D.I.Y. mentality

The hippie- and punk-movement brought us the concept of D.I.Y., Do It Yourself. We don’t have to depend on others to do stuff for us, we can do it ourselves. The hippies started communes on the countryside, groups of adults and children who tried to live self-sufficient, grow their own veggies and (re-)build their own homes. Punk brought this into the center of American and European cities. They applied the D.I.Y. concept to arts and music too. When The Beatles […]