good intentions

Start all over again?

Happy new year to everyone! Isn’t it exciting, the start of a new year? Every year again I want to believe in this chance to start all over again, to begin with a clean slate. In the euphoria of party and firecrackers at midnight I have so many good intentions, that the hangover the next day feels extra heavy 😉 What is it with a new year, starting all over again and good intentions? I often made the mistake to […]

Fresh start

Happy 2014! Every new year feels like a fresh start again. We think about the past year, about the lessons we’ve learned, and have good intentions for the new year. It’s often a switch of habits, like now I’m starting to eat healthy, to quit smoking,  to be kind to my colleagues,  to start sporting, etc. I’ve often started the new year with celebrations, fireworks and hugging everyone. And some hours later I woke up with a hangover! The freshness […]