cultural context

Perfect! 1

I hate it when I make mistakes. Somehow I expect myself to be perfect! I think that many people share this with me, though maybe not in this extreme form. For me it was so difficult to discover my own mistakes, that I didn’t re-read my work at school. It was better if others would discover them. As soon as the text was ‘out there’, it wasn’t mine anymore. I had enough distance. I see this distance with many people […]

What am I here for?

Yesterday night I met a friend at the bar. He’s a very idealistic and active guy in his 50’s. When I asked him how he’s doing, he told me that his health is fine, but that he doesn’t now what he’s here for. And he talked about (inter-)national politics, and about all that goes wrong there. So I’m writing about meaning again. Finding your meaning in life doesn’t mean, that you need to have a top position in international politics […]