Golden fall

After some weeks of gray and rainy weather, the sun is back. I now know again why fall is my favorite season. The yellow-orange-brown leaves in the sunshine give everything a golden line.  It’s really beautiful to see, the trees are shining like stars! The beauty outside comes with a melancholic touch. I know hat the golden beauty outside is only temporary. End of November you can count the last leaves on a tree on the fingers of one hand. […]

It’s summer, time to slow down

With the stressful life most of us got, we need our breaks to slow down. Stress brings adrenaline in your blood, which makes you feel great and excited. That’s the feeling you got when visiting an exciting festival or when you are about to start your show. Though if stress endures, it brings cortisol in your blood. Cortisol harms your body at cell level. That’s OK if it’s for a short while, to run from a lion. It’s no long […]