Golden fall

15-10 herbst-baeumeAfter some weeks of gray and rainy weather, the sun is back. I now know again why fall is my favorite season. The yellow-orange-brown leaves in the sunshine give everything a golden line.  It’s really beautiful to see, the trees are shining like stars!

The beauty outside comes with a melancholic touch. I know hat the golden beauty outside is only temporary. End of November you can count the last leaves on a tree on the fingers of one hand.

I couldn’t help to compare the shining beauty outside with the effect that fame has on musicians. It lets them shine like stars and gives everything they touch a golden line. And just like the beauty outside in fall, it’s only temporary.

The attention of the audience does to musicians what the yellow-orange-brown leaves do to the tree. It makes you shine like a star. When the attention disappears, everything seems extra dark and grey, for you compare it to the golden shine you got comfortable with.

Trees get into hibernation in winter, recharge their energy and start to blossom again in spring. Maybe there’s something to learn for musicians. If you want to remain your creativity and even your fame, you need periods of silence and contemplation to recharge your own batteries of energy and creativity.

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