Turn the volume down

The dark days are not over yet, but the start to get longer again. And with some snow, the darkness does not seem so dark at all. Everything seems to be so quiet and peaceful with some fresh snow.

Many animals go into hibernation in winter, like ice bears, hedgehogs or squirrels. When food becomes scarce, they drop their body temperature and heart beat.

Sometimes I imagine how it would be to go into hibernation during winter. Just sleeping through the cold and dark days, to awake again in spring. Though humans are not hibernating, they do require more sleep in winter than in summer.

I am almost recovered from being overworked. Sleeping long and deep is a good way to recover. Unfortunately, being overworked also means, that I worry more than usually and small things can keep me awake at night. I just keep turning around in bed, thinking about what I did the previous day, if I could have done it better, what to do the next day, how others might react on what I did, how I than might react on that again, etc.

Before I was overworked, some meditation in bed always helped. Now it does not. Some simple advise I recently got, fortunately does the trick: turn the volume down. That is the volume of your thoughts. It’s OK to think everything over, you just have to turn the volume down, so you can ‘hear’ your feelings again. Feel how your body lies on the mattress, how your the pillow supports your head.

Turning the volume down seems to fit with snow and hibernation. I’m off for the holidays, just taking a look at emails once in a while until January 14, similar on how squirrels do 🙂

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