Leave diva attitude at home!

What mental challenges to you have as a musician? And how do you deal with it? That’s the theme of a new series of interviews with musicians that I’m doing. The first one is with Madeleine Davis, singer of Boney M. for several years from end of the ’80s onwards.

It’s mentally very challenging to be in the spotlights. What was for you the most challenging part? And why?
“The most challenging was dealing with the personalities and mentalities of the group members offstage. They were not really show biz oriented. I mean, they didn’t pay dues as others did. They don’t have an extensive show biz resume other than Boney M. Boney M. was a manufactured band.”

How did you manage to deal with it?
“I managed to focus on doing the job and looking forward to vacation time which I used to hook up with other ‘real’ bands and do good music.”

Did you see other musicians mentally suffer from being in the spotlights? How? Where they able to deal with it in a constructive way?
“I’ve only seen others lose their way unfortunately. If they don’t succumb to drugs, the egomania causes them to lose their minds. I’m sure there’s some common sense ones out there. I haven’t met them. I think Linda Clifford is stable.”

Any advice you would like to give to young musicians?
“Yes, stay connected to the universe! Develop common sense which rules everything, walk away from uncomfortable situations, development of the craft is highly important, prepare for your future as best you can, don’t do hard drugs or drink too much. Health is very important because the road life is rough. Eat right, right thinking, you’ll do well. One should always remember you’re in a job of service to others. Humbleness is a plus in spite of the attention and the fact you may be able to get away with anything. Don’t do it! Leave diva attitude at home.”

Madeleine is still performing jazz/blues and teaching voice and beginning piano. She’s also writing. With her many talents, she wants to pursue her bucket list.

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