Holiday, time to relax?

Finally it’s holiday again and we can step out of the daily rat-race and relax. We don’t have to pretend anymore, simply ‘being’ is enough. Finally we have time for our loved one(s), time to read, time for ‘la dolce far niente’.

Sounds easy, but I often get stressed if I only think of holiday and getting ready to travel. I want everything at work to be ready, everything at home to be clean. I want to leave everything in perfect state.

If you think about it, it sounds crazy. Usually I don’t care that much about the house being clean. Regarding work, it’s even impossible. In the live music business you can’t predict what will happen in the next few weeks.

The result is, that often I go on holiday totally stressed, that I need a couple of days before I can even start to relax!

In the daily rat-race it works similar. If you work too stressed all day through, without taking the breaks you need to relax, to think about what you are doing, you probably will have trouble falling asleep at night. And the next day you are even more stressed.

This summer I’ll do it different. I’ll stay at home and will take several short trips of not longer than a week. I’ll take breaks during work, even if a trip is coming up. This way I can enjoy ‘la dolce far niente’ wherever I am, traveling or after work at home 🙂

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