The context of fame

1070085_232446043613328_1572139113_nContext is everything! If you need an example, look at the picture above. Looking at the cylinder it depends on the context, on the perspective if you see a square or a circle,

Context is important in everyday life too. Some years ago a right-wing Dutch politician asked during a speech if the audience would prefer more or less foreigners, and they all shouted “less, less, less”. But if you ask the same question to employers who are desperate to find cheep labor, they would shout “more, more, more”.

In that sense the music business is not that much different than politics. If you ask musicians if they want to become famous or obscure, a huge majority will shout “famous”. They are attracted by the golden aureole that shines around the circle and by the glitter and glamor associated with fame.

Looking at it in a different context, you might see the blue square with the lack of privacy, the persistence of paperazzi, huge expectations from fans, and other less appealing aspects.

If you want the golden circle of fame, you can better be aware of the blue square of challenges that goes with fame. Taking a step back makes it possible to see everything in perspective, to discover the true context, the exciting complexity of fame and of every day life.

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