Coincidence or synchronicity

Do you know that experience, that when you are in need of something, like a new guitar, you suddenly see guitars all around you, even in the bus and in the train? Or when you are enthusiast about a new subject, if it’s red shoes or old Blues LP’s, suddenly everyone seems to be part of a plot to show it to you and talk about it? Some call it coincidence, others call it synchronicity.

I had it last year then my father in law was very ill and than passed away. In that period, many friends on FB were in a similar situation. Maybe because that’s what attracted my attention more than something else. Or it’s the algorithm FB works with.

Last week I was talking to a Canadian musician who was visiting me in Nijmegen. We had a great time talking about music while I showed him around in my home town. I showed him the great view across the river from Valkhof Park. When he mentioned the American red-winged blackbird, I told him that I wrote about the sound of a blackbird in my blog post on the day before (the post about searching for silence to find your own melody).

Carl Jung introduced the term synchronicity for meaningful coincidences, that is when two or more incidents occur that are meaningful connected but not causally related. This week I discovered that a book I got from the library last week is about synchronicity as well! I’m just starting to read it and I’m very curious what I’ll come across.

What’s the last lucky coincidence or moment of synchronicity that happened to you?


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