Seducing the audience

James Brown - Tower of LondonThere are many ways to seduce someone. My Dutch friends on Facebook talk about it, because Julien Blanc is planning to visit the Netherlands. He teaches men to seduce women by overpowering and dominating them. Men pay thousands of dollars to him to learn¬† that they have to force the face of a women to their dick.¬† Various countries have banned Blanc and in the Netherlands we have a petition to politicians to ban him too. I’m against his methods, but I don’t know if I want him banned. How ever, I’m not part of his target group. If he would try something like that in my presence, to me or to another women, I would probably grab his hand, turn it behind his back and would demand an apology!

Fortunately there are plenty other ways of seducing, many work with making the other person feel good, strong and beautiful instead of burn them down to become dependent on you. Same goes for artists and their contact with the audience. The way how U2 forced their album to all Apple users reminded me slightly of Julien Blanc, though without the humiliating aspects.

James Brown was a master in seducing his audience, not only teenage girls in the front row of his shows. He made his audience feel very special, beautiful and attractive. You don’t have to seduce in a sexually tinted sense if you want your audience to listen to your songs. Metal bands use very different ways in seducing their audience, they make them feel strong, powerful and part of the metal community. Direct communication with your fans on Facebook, Twitter and other social media brings many new ways to seduce them to listen to your songs, like giving away concert tickets for free.

What is your way to seduce your audience? How do you think that your audience want to be seduced?

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