Can artists deal better with the unpredictable?

the-best-way-to-predict-your-future-is-to-create-it1We all want to predict our future, to have control on what’s happening next, to avoid awkward situations when we feel uncomfortable because we don’t know how to react. it’s a huge market in predicting the future, with cares, stars or a medium.

Changes will always bring you to awkward situations. You can prepare yourself as good as you want to, changes are always in a certain way unpredictable. Moving to another place is a very clear example, starting at a new school is another one, even getting a new smartphone or new software on your computer is a change.

In the next two weeks I’ll start to send a monthly newsletter about coaching, workshops and what I’m writing on my blog. It’s exciting and a bit scary too. The reactions from the first people I’ve sen tit to were very good. Still, how will others react? And who should be on the list to receive it?

As artist, you are dealing with the new and the unpredictable all the time. That’s what makes it art: it’s new! Does that mean that artists are better equipped than others to live with the uncertainties of life and with the unpredictability of the future?

I don’t know. I know many artists who seem to deal with the unpredictable and the uncertain with great ease. And I know just as many who cling to certain superstitious behavior like always wearing their lucky red shoes when performing, kiss a ring for good luck or go another block after meeting a black cat  in order to get a grip on the unpredictable. How do you deal with it?

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