Kick your ass

jerry-gibt-einen-tritt-in_4daf0a0a3179b-pDo you know the situations when you feel a victim? It’s often because the press doesn’t pay attention to your album or performances, because you can’t afford to go to that amazing showcase festival, because a band member doesn’t act like you would want him to, because the world and everyone is plotting against you. Well, I do know that feeling. And sometimes it can even feel good to indulge in the mud-pool of self-pity.

And while indulging the mud-pool of self-pity, everything grinds to a hold it seems. In the mean time the rest of the world moves on. And it can be quite a shock to see the changes, it almost scares you back into the mud-pool. Or you can kick your ass and get things moving again.

Get things moving again can also mean, that you fight for your right, but than not from the position of a victim but a strong person who takes responsibility. Sounds vague? It’s also about me, developing a workshop about D.I.Y. attitude for artists, having some inspiring conversations with people who want to hire me to give the workshops, and who pull out. About not giving in, and keep looking for other openings for the workshop, which I believe will turn out great for everyone. And now I’m booked, on May 03, to give 2 of the workshops of 1,5 hour. I’m really looking forward to it!

I could have stopped, blaming the people who didn’t hire me. Instead, I’m grateful that they helped me to get my ass moving and to develop the workshop. I kicked my ass and continue to talk to people about the workshop, about me giving workshops. Still, many people don’t know yet. Should I develop an online workshop? For individuals or for groups? Maybe I should start with a newsletter first. This are the next steps now. Quite scary. I keep avoiding them, until I kick my ass again 😉

What are you avoiding? What do  you need to kick your ass for?

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