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This week I saw an interview with Angelo Kelly, the youngest guy from the Kelly Family. He was famous already when he was a child and got used to everything that goes with it.

It was surprising to hear, that he and his wife choose to live in a caravan and to travel for several years. He avoided Germany, too many people would recognize him there, and performed as street musician for two or three days a week. That brought enough money to eat and to travel on. The rest of his time he spent with his family. If he would have performed at theaters, maybe one show a month would have been enough. But it would have included a lot of time for promotion, giving interviews, people asking for a signature, all the time consuming stuff that comes with fame. He would have had less time for his family.

It made me think of the important things in life. Friends and family are part of the really important things, more important than money or fame. Health is another of these important things in life.

I love it, when people take unorthodox decisions to get what they want.

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One thought on “Important things in life

  • Aret

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