Unblocking 3: Power

imagesHave you ever realized the power that comes with getting angry? I’ve been told to be nice, to suppress any feelings of anger. Even if I know, that in the end it makes me crazy. Anger can be used as a map, as a sign that tells you the direction you have to go or to avoid. It also gives you the energy to pursue. So as recovering artist, getting angry means that you are starting to unblock! So don’t get angry with yourself when getting angry. Use it as map to know what direction you as artist want to go, and the energy to go your path as artist.

While anger can give you a map and energy, shame is holding you back. It controls you, keeps you within borders, lets you think within the block. When people want something not be hidden, they say ‘shame you’ to the person who discovers it. As artist, we have to break borders, think outside the box, dis-cover things. That’s the power an artist has, and why artists are so important in every society. That’s also why free creativity is/was forbidden in every totalitarian regime I’m aware off.

“The act of making art exposes a society to itself. Art brings things to light. It illuminates us. It sheds light on our lingering darkness.” (Julia Cameron)

Another hold-back is the fear of criticism. Oh, I’m very sensitive to that. Until I discovered recently, that criticism is only one side of the medal and that it’s my task to look for the other side, and than make up my mind about which side is more important. It’s like the core quadrant of Daniel Ofman. You will often be criticized when acting too fanatic on your own qualities. So here too, criticism can be used as a map to yourself and your art. One of my core qualities is that I’m curios. And when I’m getting stressed I suddenly get nosy, and get criticized for that. Than I think back, and realize that nosy is actually just a bit too curious 🙂

The great thing is, that we can grow beyond shame and that we all can use anger and criticism to grow and to gain power!

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