A new start!

imagesNew Years Day always feels like a new start. It’s a new start of my life and career, a new start where I finally can become who I want to be, start to do exercises, start to live healthy, start to behave nicely, start to be more assertive.

That’s the rush I feel when on a New Years Party and the new year has started. I hug and kiss everyone, everything is possible, it’s the start of something gorgeous, something new – every year again. And that makes me think. After the party, the new year starts with a hangover. For the rest of the day I feel more like an old dishcloth than like the brand new being I thought I would be just a couple of hours ago.

I guess that the most important thing to remember is, that it’s still me I’m living with. I can’t force myself to run a marathon or to dance ballet if I haven’t practised. It doesn’t make much sense to force myself to do exercises if it makes me grumpy for the rest of the day. All those thoughts about a new start actually focus on the things I don’t do well, the things I have to learn, the things I’m not good at and the things I just don’t like.

So this year I want to turn it around. I start the year with being kind to myself, for I’m the person I will live with for the rest of the year. No big party last night, just me and my partner enjoying each others company. And I want to focus on the things I do like, the things I’m good at, all the things that give me energy, that make me strong. Being creative is definitely part of it, watching TV is not. Cooking in a combination of healthy and tasty food is part of it, and maybe even starting again with my exercises. Usually I feel grumpy for 5 minutes before I start exercising, and than I start to feel strong and happy. And writing more on this blog is part of it, and working with my artists, an all the other things I get excited about 🙂

Happy new year!

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