Mirror yourself

Last night I was at a very inspiring meeting. One of the present women told her story of success, failure and getting up again. She had a company with dozens of employee’s, a yearly turnover of millions of Euros, and never shortage of new assignments. Everything was perfect, no reason to change anything, or even to think about it. That is how it feels to be successful.

She took everything for granted, and than the crisis of 2008 hit her company. Suddenly she didn’t get any new assignments anymore. The change was so sudden, that it was hard to believe. Only when she discovered that it was the same problem with other companies too, she couldn’t deny it anymore. Drastic cuts were necessary. Now she has her own company again in a slightly different field of work, and is finally doing what she really wants to do.

She shared her lessons and also the positive aspects of the crisis with us. One of the biggest lessons was, that you can’t do everything alone. You need someone to mirror yourself at, to reflect the situation you are in, especially if you are successful and everything is going perfectly. The positive aspect is, that you are forced to think about what you really want.

A mirror gives you more consciousness on where you are, what you are doing, in relation to where you want to be and what you want to do. It’s so easy and tempting to keep on going when everything seems perfect, that you ignore the small inner voices that tell you, that actually you might want something different. It seems silly to listen to that little voice in such a situation. This women heard the small voice a year before the crisis hit, and like most successful people, she ignored it.

She took time to reflect on herself and her situation, and is now much more satisfied in what she is doing. And she repeatedly told us how much she wished she would have mirrored herself earlier, in the middle of her success. She was talking about business, but the same is true for artists. All you need is someone who knows the music business, who is not a fan, and who is not financially dependent on your success…

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